The title of his Facebook page, Tyson Travels, is quite the understatement!

Tyson the dog made the news in Ostego County, Michigan in July of last year after breaking free from his leash and taking off. He had been seen near his home of Gaylord but nobody was able to catch him.

He had been spotted on trail cams, and the photos were released to the media in Northern Michigan.

His owners teamed up with The Retrievers Lost Dog Team from Minneapolis to set humane "traps" for Tyson, using scent trails and his favorite foods.

And finally, yesterday around 4:30 AM, he made his way into the trap...70 miles away from home

This is the cutest story. Are the we only ones who want to see it turned into a children's book? TYSON TRAVELS! Love it! Welcome back, sweet boy.

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