It might be getting harder to keep the punishment from happening since all the national attention this story has recieved in the last couple of days.It's been nearly two weeks since some students at Ogemaw Heights High School in West Branch decided to pull a cruel prank on sophomore Whitney Kropp.

Whitney was voted to the homecoming court for her sophomore class as a joke. Originally, Whitney did not want to attend the homecoming festivities after finding out it was all a cruel prank. The West Branch community along with friends and family have stepped up to turn a seemingly negative experience into one that she will enjoy.

Despite the amazing turnaround of events some in the community still want the students responsible to be held accountable. The superintendent of the West Branch-Rose City School District said last week that he was aware of the incident but declined to comment until he had a chance to gather more information. Several students have claimed they could name everyone involved in the prank. Privacy of the students involved seems to be a concern at this point.

Is that the issue or does the administration hope this thing just kind of blows over?


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