The economy is still tough in mid-Michigan, and school districts in our area have had to make some very tough decisions when faced with huge budget deficits. Beginning with this year, Saginaw has been forced to impose a pay to play policy with their school sports program. Unfortunately, many families can't scrape together the $75 fee either. This story has an incredible ending though!

LaMarr Woodley, a star linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers somehow learned of the story, and decided to take action. "When LaMarr heard about it, it bothered him." said his uncle and business adviser, Malcom Staples. "It was a no brainer." Woodley donated $60,000 so that 800 Saginaw students can participate in their school athletics program this year.

Woodley is a 2003 graduate of Saginaw High School, and this is not the first time that he has come through for the Saginaw School district. He has recently set up a foundation called "Think Big, Dream Gig, Live Big."

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