Even if your marriage proposal completely sucked, Darrell Hamilton has you beat. The Fresno journalist actually blew chunks as he was popping the question.

Hamilton planned to surprise his girlfriend, by planning a romantic plane ride. On the ground was a handmade sign asking his girlfriend Rheanna to marry him. In his pocket was an engagement ring.

The pilot tilted the plane several times, in order to help the couple find Hamilton's cousin's property, where the sign was planted. Motion sickness got the best of him.

“I started to get motion sickness because I was messing with my electronics too much,” Hamilton told The NY Post. “That’s when I felt sick real fast."

Hamilton thrust the ring at Rheanna just before he put his head between his knees and lost his lunch.

“I don’t even know if she really said ‘yes,’ to be honest. I just know she was really happy.”

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