In a powerful commentary which is getting national attention, Atlanta TV news anchor Brenda Wood shares some prolific thoughts on the viral video which captured the altercation between a student and a school resource officer in South Carolina.

The veteran WXIA anchor notes that the public's opinion on the subject comes from our collective "naivete about what actually goes on in schools all the time."

Wood notes that teachers and school administrators have been rendered powerless -- and that students are well aware of how little can be done. Although she's up front in pointing out that the school resource officer overreacted and opines that his firing was justified, she also points out that what we've all seen on the video is not the whole picture. What we didn't see (and hear) is everything that led to the incident. And the other students' reactions don't seem to indicate that they felt the officer's actions were not at least somewhat justified.

In her long-running commentary known as 'Brenda's Last Word,' Wood notes that disciplinary issues plague schools every day, and points out that teachers and students who are actually trying to learn are burdened with "the albatross of the disrespectful, mouthy, misbehaving kids who have no intention of following the rules -- and will defy anyone who tries to make them."

If you know any teachers, particularly any who work for schools in urban areas, you know how true Wood's final words are. "It's a war out there. And the teachers are losing."