You might be getting ready for your favorite shows to return after taking a break over the holidays, but get ready for some other shows that will be starting midseason. "The Firm"premieres on NBC on January 12, which is based off the book and movie with Tom Cruise.

"Rob" is a comedy about a guy who tries to win respect from his new in-laws. The show is on CBS and will premiere on January 12. Another one to look out for on Fox on January 16 is "Alcatraz." A cop investigates a conspiracy theory about Alcatraz prisoners.

Also premiering on NBC on January 16 is "Betty White's Off Their Rockers," where Betty and her friends prank people. Kiefer Sutherland returns to Fox in March with his drama show "Touch," about a father who can't connect with his mute son, but things soon change.

Another one to look out for in February on NBC is "Smash," which is a musical drama about the strivers of broadway. These are just some premieres coming soon. Do you think you'll watch of any of these new shows? I'll watch Betty White, "Smash," and "Alcatraz."

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