The brutal murder of a 14-year-old Michigan girl in 2014 is the subject of an episode of a new true-crime documentary series just released on Hulu.

The sixth episode of 'How I Caught My Killer' highlights a 14-year-old victim who was murdered in Armada while she was out walking her dog. Armada is in Macomb County, just northeast of Detroit.

Who Was April Milsap?

The episode titled 'You Can See Panic' puts the spotlight on 14-year-old April Milsap who was walking her dog along the Macomb Orchard Trail. According to the Detroit Free Press, Milsap was the only child of her mother Jennifer and she was preparing to enter high school.

Murdered in July, 2014

As April walked her dog, she was approached by a man who allegedly made sexual advances toward her. She declined and texted her boyfriend, "I think I almost got kidnapped omfg." That turned out to be the girl's final text message.

April was then attacked from behind with a motorcycle helmet, dragged into the woods, and beaten and stomped to death.

James VanCallis, who had been seen riding a motorcycle in Armada earlier in the day was convicted of killing April. Charges included first-degree murder, felony, murder, kidnapping, and assault with the intent to commit sexual penetration.

VanCallis is currently serving a life sentence without Parole.

Documentary on Hulu

'How I Caught My Killer' focuses on clues left behind by victims to track down their perpetrators. In Milsap's case, her assailant carried her cell phone around in his pocket after her murder and police used the phone's GPS in order to track his whereabouts.

The series debuted on January 12 of this year.

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