Is nothing sacred? Thanks to a newly launched Halloween costume,  a beautiful day in the neighborhood just got a bit risqué.

A new costume meant to look like a “sexy” version of Mr. Rogers himself has made its debut online and people are not loving it. The “Nicest Neighbor” costume, which is sold online by Yandy for $59.99, comes with a cropped, V-neck red sweater that zips in the front, a detachable collar with a black necktie and high-waisted very short grey shorts. The ensemble even comes with hand puppets just like our favorite cardigan wearing friend had on the show. Can we all say creepy? I knew you could.

The costume is getting major backlash on social media. Twitter exploded with disgust and bashing of the retailer. Still the best comment had to be late night talk show host  Stephen Colbert saying what we all were thinking, "Can't believe they made a sexy Mr. Rogers costume when Mr. McFeely was RIGHT THERE".  For real.

On a side note, 'A Beautiful Day' starring Tom Hanks as the somewhat not so sexy Fred Rogers hits theaters November 22nd.


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