We have all seen it, the good looking women hanging out with the geeky guys. Wait! I live that, well maybe not the woman part, I am single but still, I have been told by a few women that, "nerd is in"! Well if nerd is in call me Lewis Skolnick. Find out more about how nerds have it better.

1. Nerd, geeks, dorks all seem to have the highest paying jobs, so why wouldn't a women want to be with one.

2. Some of TVs hottest shows feature nerds getting gorgeous women:

3. Nerds were the only one playing video games, now it's all the rage. Why wasn't I cool when I sat around all the time playing video games?

The best part of being a nerd, and I know from experience, is when you do talk to a beautiful women now they want the nerd. In the past couple days I have had some conversations with some hotties that want to introduce me to their hot friends, why? It's not because I am ripped or a body builder, it's because I am a nerd and can carry on an intelligent conversation. The the other girl told me she was into me because "I'm nerd chic." Where has this gotten me? No where really but one day this nerdness will pay off! I promise. Check out this video that us nerds can appreciate.

Hat tip to Urlesque.com