You know as well as I do, that there is a day for everything. Today apparently is 'National Burger Day'. I actually see it listed in the month of May as well. Screw it - who am I to argue with two burger days in one year?

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When it comes to burgers - my go to place is Timothy's Pub on Robert T. Longway in Flint. Unfortunately, this year we could not host our a Burgers and Brews event. The last few years prior, I teamed up with the crew at Timothy's Pub to create some award winning burgers.

I have four delicious burgers on the menu at Timothy's.

There are other burgers on the menu too. Another favorite of mine is the Bacon Bleu Burger, bleu as in covered in bleu cheese - it's so good. If you are totally craving a burger now, Timothy's is open. Theresa and the crew at Timothy's Pub are following state guidelines to keep you safe and comfortable when dining in. You can order carry out too.

You can also celebrate by grilling your own burger at home. If I cook a burger at home, it is always turkey burger. Throw on some mayo and olives - and say hello to your own homemade olive burger. Not going to lie, mine are never as good as Halo Burger.

Where is your favorite spot to get a burger? Let me know. I will try your recommended burger, if you try one of mine at Timothy's - it's a win win!

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