A survey of Michiganians indicates that almost half of us think schools should reopen as scheduled in the fall.

The coronavirus pandemic shuttered school for about 1.5 million Michigan students in mid-March leaving parents wondering what changes would be put in place before the start of the next school year.

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When asked, based on what they know about COVID-19, when they think schools should reopen in the fall, 46% of respondents said that classes should begin in August or September as they normally would.

The survey also revealed that:

  • 13% said the start should be delayed until October or November
  • 5% said schools should not open until next year
  • 24% didn’t give a date – they said schools should open once there’s “effective medicine” to treat COVID-19 or a vaccine to prevent it
  • 12% were undecided or refused to give an answer

The poll was conducted by EPIC MRA and has a margin of error of plus or minus 4%, according to WLNS.

Last week, Governor Whitmer formed a committee that is tasked with formulating a plan to determine the best course of action for schools to take in the fall. The 'Return to Learn' advisory council is made up of experts in healthcare and education, parents, students, and Michigan legislators.

The three members of the council that represent our area are:

  • Gwendolyn R. Reyes, M.D., of Grand Blanc who is the Assistant Clinic Director at Hurley Children's Clinic,
  • Ridgeway H. White, of Fenton who is the President and CEO of the Charles Stuart Mott Foundation, and
  • Johanna L. Clark, of Frankenmuth, who is the principal at Frankenmuth High School.

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