The Crim Fitness Foundation's "Smart Commuter Challenge" has been going on all this week with modest success.  The lousy weather probably didn't help much to get people to walk or ride their bikes to work, or wait for public transit.  The forecast is much better for

the final day of the "Commuter Challenge" week, which is also "National Take Your Bike To Work Day".   I have been riding my bicycle on short trips around town to places like the post office, grocery store and to the gym.  Tomorrow I will hop on the old Murray and pedal to work!  Depending on the route I take, it's anywhere from 10.5 miles to 13 miles each way.  The longer route is via less travelled roads, while the shorter one has me fighting traffic on busy roads with no bike lanes.  The trip takes me about an hour each way.  I already have a change of clothes and deodorant in my cube,  and plan to wash up a bit once I arrive.  These radio studios are kind of small, so it's important not to be offensive to my co-workers. 

I hope to be able to ride to work during the spring/summer months perhaps once or twice a week.  That saves gas and money (for me!) and keeps me in good shape.  If you live close enough to where you work that it is feasible to ride your bike there occasionally, you should give it a try!