For me, this is something I already do. Well, two out of three. I routinely walk/run or ride my bike to get around town. Drive to the gym? Are you kidding me? I ride my bike or run and make getting there and back part of the workout. That's the attitude that Safe and Active Genesee for Everyone (SAGE) would like more people around here to adopt.

SAGE has launched the "Bike It, Walk It, Bus It" campaign to get more people to try to make active transportation part of their routine. Active transportation has many benefits. You can save money on the cost of gasoline and car maintenance, reach your fitness goals and reduce your cabon footprint. "Communities that have infrastructure and a culture that supports active transportation are vibrant places where people want to live, work and play" according to Lauren Holaly of the Crim Fitness Foundation. SAGE is encouraging participation by offering montly prizes for people who keep track of their mileage. visit to be eligible to win.

As someone who uses active transportation on a regular basis, I win every time I go somewhere under my own power. You can too!