Um, I'm not an electronics expert, but I'm pretty sure my tablet is not suppose to do that.

I had a bit of excitement in my day today, I woke up to an exploded tablet. I had my Hisense Sero 8 tablet charging overnight and the next thing I knew I was dealing with a popped tablet.

Right away, I unplugged the tablet and set it in my sink because I wasn't too sure what I was potentially dealing with. Then, I took photos of it to send to the company to let them know what I had experienced. It was pretty scary because as you can see from the photos, there is a swollen silver pack that has, I'm assuming, hazardous materials that could catch fire. On the advice of one of my friends who said that it could catch fire if that splits, I put the tablet in my backyard.

I kid you not. That freaking tablet is right now in the middle of my backyard, in the snow, away from everything. I have sent the photos to the company via email and I have tagged the photos on various social media platforms. I hope that this failure in engineering will be resolved, but I am very glad that my tablet didn't take me down with it.

We shall see if the company, Hisense, contacts me to resolve this. If anything comes out of this, I know that I have learned from this potentially tragic event. When it comes to tablets, and other electronic devices, think twice about letting them charge without any sort of supervision. This could've ended badly, but I am glad that it did not.

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