To say that Wally is an emotional support animal would be an understatement - he's the best office employee EVER.

Let's get this out of the way first: not everybody likes dogs. Some people are allergic, some people just don't care for animals. That's fine. You don't have to come to my doctor's office. ;)

My doctor's dog is named Wally. He's an Australian cattle dog, and he freely roams around the office. He loves people; he'll walk up to you when you're in the waiting room, he'll sit by your feet when you're in the exam room, and he'll walk you out.

Yesterday, I went in for a referral to get some physical therapy for my sprained ankle. He immediately said, "We need to get you in for a STAT CT scan." Within three hours, I had the scan and the results were in - my ankle was broken. Luckily, Wally was right there to comfort me.

I'm a huge fan of animals in the workplace, which is why I did a video series called Work Pets of Genesee County. Big thanks to Wally for being there for me yesterday, and for ALL of the patients he helps to comfort.

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