You can meet Beef and his proud owners at Fenner's Floral and Design Company in Burton!

We are pleased to introduce you to Beef, the Basset Hound/Saint Bernard (yes, really) mix who spends his days smelling...and sometimes eating the flowers at Fenner's Floral and Design Company on Saginaw St. in Burton.

Beef is a year-and-a-half old and has been enjoying life at the shop since they opened last fall. He was rescued by the daughter of the owner, Stephanie Fenner. And of course, here he is, roaming the store.

Apparently, he loves to sit on men's feet at the counter. And for those who are uncomfortable with an animal in a business, they're installing a gate at the door.

Beef loves life (and the mailman) and you can meet him at Fenner's! They're super busy with prom right now and he is LOVING all of the people.

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