The whole community came together to make this little boy's 10th birthday extra special.

Tyler Reseigh of Mt. Morris loves motorcycles and really wanted them to be part of his birthday party. In fact, he told his dad that he wanted not just a few, but 100 of them. That's a big task, but his dad said he'd try.

Tyler has been a fighter since he was born - he was premature and just 1 pound. The doctors didn't think he'd make it 24 hours...and now, he's turning 10.

So, his dad reached out to a friend who owns Xtreme Cycle Works in Flint, who then reached out to the biker community. And then, on Sunday, 60 bikes came riding down his street, some of them bearing gifts for the boy that none of them knew personally. And it truly did make his birthday special.

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