Derek Blalock from Flushing is riding his bike 250 miles to Indianapolis to get to the Final Four.

He scored some tickets to the game, and because he has a 6,500 mile charity bike trip coming up this summer, he thought he'd get a head-start on it. He left Flushing on Wednesday night, and plans on riding approx. 100 miles per day.

He told WNEM TV 5 News that "it's going to be a test for me getting ready for the summer trip, but I'm excited because I could use a good challenge right now."

The charity ride this summer is for the Thomas Smith Memorial Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides heart screenings for young athletes. You can read the full story from WNEM here.

Man, I did 25 minutes on the treadmill at the gym the other day and felt like Superman! This guy is putting the rest of us to shame! Go get 'em, Derek!

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