Yep. That's a duck, walking her chicks through an elementary school.

For thirteen years, Vanessa the Village Elementary School mother duck has laid her eggs in the closed-off school courtyard. Children at Village Elementary School in Hartland are able to watch from nearby windows.

When Vanessa and her chicks are ready to exit the building, Ruth Darrah (a former teacher who is now retired but comes back every year  to help) and other employees put up black construction paper to block off the hallways and create a path to the outside world.

And then, mom and her chicks parade through the school and are escorted to the pond outside. In fact, everybody in the school is so invested in Vanessa the duck that they don't cut the grass in the courtyard until she's gone.

Get the heck outta here. I'm letting my man-guard down, but I'll say it - this is the cutest thing ever. And it's Pure Michigan.