Acting is something that just seems to come naturally for Brayden Eaton, a promising young teenage actor from Hartland.

The 14-year-old keeps landing roles and they just seem to keep getting bigger and bigger. In his latest project, 'Dinosaur Cove,' Eaton takes on the role of Riley Harrison, a young boy who stumbles upon a top-secret project in the small town of Dinosaur Cove.

The film is expected to be available on major streaming services sometime in the spring of this year. The trailer for the flick is below.

According to the website

"Riley claims he has seen a real dinosaur, to which his dad Wyatt Harrison (Jared Withrow), and love interest Dr. Starr (Holly Houk) quickly write it off as a coping mechanism for his grief,” says the official synopsis. “Villians Mr. Bigg (Mo El-Zaatari) and Dr. Vandersaurean (James Pilachowski) responsible for the creature and its accidental release, try in desperation to recover it and capture young Riley before the public finds out about their diabolical plans."

Eaton spoke with Livingston Daily about his success fo far as an actor and says acting is much more than just pretending, it requires real emotion.

"You have to be very vulnerable to the character," he said. "To be able to express such emotions, you have to be the characters, imagine you are the characters. Actors have good imaginations, and you have to get yourself there mentally. I'm not pretending. You are drawing on real emotion."

Eaton's parents couldn't be prouder. His father Jason is a teacher in Hartland and his mother Wendy is an early childhood and family pastor in Flint. They tell Livingston Daily that they are "along for the ride."

Read the full interview with Braydon and his parents here.



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