Rachel Wright's son wasn't allowed to accept a perfect attendance award at the end of the school year. In a self-absorbed blog post, the mother of three cites her reasons for denying her son the opportunity to claim the award.

  • We don't reward luck.
  • 100% attendance awards demonise the weakest. [sic]
  • He had no control over his 100% attendance
  • We are taking him out of school for 5 days at the end of term.

Are you kidding me? Sure, there is a certain amount of luck that goes into being healthy enough to attend school each and every day of the school year. But it also demonstrates a child's tenacity and commitment to education. Does the author realize how many children miss school even when they are healthy? Getting up, and getting to school every day is an accomplishment, and it should be rewarded.

Wright professes that attendance awards demonize the weak. (And she spelled 'demonize' wrong.)

"Can you imagine what kind of atmosphere that would create with people who had days off because of bereavement, mental health problem or chronic conditions?"

No one is saying that people shouldn't take time off when they need to. But here in the real world, Ms. Wright, a lot of people skip work for reasons that are far less than adequate. Ask anyone who works a minimum wage, or near-minimum wage job. They'll likely tell you that some of their coworkers habitually call in, and often give their employers no notice.

A school attendance award, albeit a small accolade, is an honor a child has earned, likely with his or her parents' help.

Lighten up, and let your kid have his moment in the spotlight.

Rachel Wright's blog post in its entirety can be found here.

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