Students in Shiawassee County got a look at what life is like inside the Shiawassee County Jail, in hopes that they never return. Inside Look is a new program that shows students what it is like behind bars. Inside Look is for teens age 11 through 15. During their tour, they even got to chat with some of the inmates.

When I was in fifth grade we toured the Genesee County Jail with are D.A.R.E program. I remember it being an eye-opening and scary experience as an 11-year-old child. I am glad they are bringing a version of this program back to students. Its now almost 20 years later for me, and I still remember the feeling of walking into that jail and talking to the inmates. I'm sure that won't keep every student from getting mixed up with the wrong crowd and ending up back in that jail cell, but it sure made an impact on me.

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