The perfect person, candles on the table, and great food and wine...what more do you need for the perfect date night?  Nothing beats a romantic dinner and now the experts have found that perfect place to dine that checks off all the boxes when it comes to romance in Michigan.

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Our culinary friends at Love Food set out to help you find the perfect place for those special dinners that need a little extra je ne sais quoi to make the time memorable. They compiled a list of "The Best Date Night Restaurant in Every State".

"When you think of the perfect date night, images of cozy corners, charming ambiance, and easy conversation over plates of delicious food might come to mind", Love Food said. "Then there are those fine-dining spots with crisp white tablecloths with leather-bound menus, perfect for special anniversaries and times you want to be a bit fancy. Whatever style of restaurant you choose, it needs to be something special. Read on to discover the best date night restaurant in every US state".

What is Michigan's Best Date Night Restaurant?

When it comes to fabulous food and a great date night atmosphere, Detroit is the location, and Wright & Company is the place. Situated in the heart of the D off Woodward Avenue in a classic vintage building constructed in 1891, this place takes trendy to a cool new level.

"What could be better than a table for two? A booth for two, that’s what – so you can huddle even closer together. Wright & Company’s warm, relaxed decor, with exposed brick, chandeliers, and curved leather booths, makes it the perfect place to enjoy a deliciously languid evening over sharing plates like pork belly sliders and blue crab udon", the team from Love Food wrote.

Reserve your table now and treat your significant other to an evening of unparalleled delight. This accolade is not just an award; it's an invitation to celebrate love, and there's no better place to do that than Michigan's "Best Date Night Restaurant".


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