There was a woman earlier this year that went viral after she put Gorilla Glue (spray) in her hair with hopes of simply keeping it in place. Oh, she kept it in place that's for sure. So much so that she needed a plastic surgeon to fix what she had done. Well, now a Michigan woman has done something similar but this situation was an accident

Yacedrah Williams of Redford accidentally grabbed a small bottle of glue used to repair broken fingernails thinking it was eye drops and put it in her eye.

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How does something like this happen?

It's not like she put glue in her eye on purpose, it was a total accident. She woke up late in the night and realized she needed to take her contacts out. Still kind of out of it from sleeping, she accidentally grabbed the nail glue(same size bottle). According to WXYZ, She tipped her head back and it was only after the clear liquid had formed a drop that was about to fall did Williams realize the bottle was not the right color, but it was too late.

Yacedrah started freaking out

After she put cold water in her eye, she tried opening it but it was already glued shut. As soon as she realized it was completely glued shut she started to panic and screamed for her husband to call 911.

Did she lose her eyesight?

Thankfully EMS rushed Yacedrah to the hospital where doctors were able to open her eye and remove her contact lens. It was that contact lens that saved her from losing her vision.

Never keep eye drops and nail glue together in your purse.

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