Pro tip:  If you are looking to accomplish something nefarious, don't Google it.

A Michigan woman is facing charges after allegedly trying to hire a hitman from a fictitious website to murder her ex-husband.

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Wendy Wein reportedly contacted the joke website last week and requested a consultation.

The parody website which touts itself as "your point and click solution" claims to be 100% HIPPA compliant -- Hitman Privacy and Protection Act -- and even sites having reduced hours of operation during the coronavirus pandemic.

After Wein's inquiry, the owner of the site grew concerned that Wein may actually be serious about wanting to kill her ex-husband and contacted the Michigan State Police.

A Michigan State Police officer then posed undercover as a hitman and made arrangements to meet Wein in a parking lot in Rockwood, Michigan. Rockwood is located about 25 miles southwest of Detroit. She then offered $5,000 to have her ex-husband who lives in another state killed and even offered to pay the hitman's travel expenses in advance.

Wein has been arrested and is currently being housed in the Monroe County jail.

Here's the best part:  The owner of the website tells WXYZ that since he started the website in 2005, there have been numerous solicitations for murders and school shootings that he has deemed serious. Each is referred to law enforcement and the owner believes about 130 murders have been prevented.


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