If you ask around, pretty much everyone agrees that 2020 was just an awful year. From unfortunate news stories, deaths, so many cancellations, and of course COVID-19. It just was not a good year.

With so many using the internet and social media, it should come as no surprise that everything we do on the internet is tracked by someone.

For example, if you use a hashtag on Twitter, that data is collected along with your location. So, Twitter knows where you were when you made that hashtag. Looking at this geotagged information, it was discovered that those of us living in Michigan had more negative sentiment toward things in 2020 than any other state. This was discovered by tracking negative tweets, hashtags and direct keyword phrases such as “I hate 2020", “2020 is the worst", “horrible year", “terrible year", and...well you get the point.

Over 900,000 tweets were tracked to gather this information.

What other states hated 2020? Here are the Top 10 Haters...

  1. Michigan
  2. Virginia
  3. Indiana
  4. Kentucky
  5. North Carolina
  6. Ohio
  7. Pennsylvania
  8. Mississippi
  9. California
  10. Utah

All of the Twitter data was mapped out by someka.net using their Excel heat map generators. Here is what the rest of the country looks like...

2020 Haters
Map Courtesy someka.net

I think it is interesting that people in the midwest and the northeast parts of the country hated 2020 more than those out west. What made us Michiganders hate the year so much more than any other state?

Let's leave all this hate and the year 2020 behind us. On to 2021 and positive hashtags! #benice2021!


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