May wanna put that sandwich down before you look. It's gross, but it's a great example of why we should all spay our female dogs.

Sunrise Veterinary Services out of Alpena shared this horrifying photo on their Facebook page yesterday: it's the uterus of a 55-lb female dog...filled with pus. Her uterus, by itself, weighed over 6 lbs. The dog has been back for removal of its stitches and is doing well, but it's a great example of why we should spay our female pets at a young age.

I just got into an argument with somebody over this the other day - they were selling Pitbull pups online, saying that their dog get pregnant "by accident." You know what can prevent that? Having them spayed. It also prevents diseases like breast cancer in dogs. There are a LOT of animals in shelters - it's irresponsible not to have them spayed and neutered.

Yes, it's gross. Yes, it's shocking. But sometimes, people need that shock to motivate them to do something. I bet that the bill is shocking, too. They should post that.

Now, back to your lunch...or maybe your lunch is coming back up.

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