This 8-year-old, who has been sick his entire life, is finally getting the birthday party that he deserves.

Grand Haven resident Jaydon Beaulieu has only been on this earth for eight years, but he's endured more in those years than most of us will in our entire lives - just after his first birthday, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

He had surgery to remove the tumor, but it wasn't without complications. He had a stroke on the table during the ten-hour surgery. He followed that with chemotherapy but quickly took a turn for the worse - Jaydon was in a coma. His dad told him to hang in there and keep fighting, which he did.

Now, six years later, Jaydon is celebrating his 8th birthday. He's got significant speech and developmental delays, and his parents are reeling from medical bills.

WZZM-13 in West Michigan (where former Flint anchor Alana Holland works now) decided to throw him a surprise birthday party at his favorite place - Chuck E. Cheese.

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