"I'm one lucky man." Johnnie Lowe said his life passed before him as he braced for impact on I-96, headed toward Lansing.

The Romulus man says he saw a steel beam bounce off the pavement before it flew up and crashed through his windshield. Astonishingly, the truck's steering wheel stopped the beam just inches from his chest.

"Looking at the windshield sliced. Six feet of steel, half a foot from me,” he tells WDIV. “Like being in an explosion of glass. Took a vacuum to suck it out of my ears.”

Johnnie joked that with that kind of luck, he needs to play the lottery.

We're so glad that he escaped this incident without injuries. Stories like this always stop me in my tracks for a second. My oldest stepson drives a truck for a living and spends about 70 hours per week behind the wheel. We know how much danger drivers face in the course of a day and urge everyone to respect them on the road.

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