Because at this point in our political climate, why the hell not?

Ever heard of Omena, Michigan? Me neither. It's in Leelanau Township on the Leelanau Peninsula, so it's wine country. And now, it's governed by a cat.

Sweet Tart is her name. She's 9-years-old and had a tough campaign - she ran against another cat, along with 13 dogs, a goat, a peacock and a chicken.

The small, unincorporated town saw more than 7,000 people come out to cast their votes. The pretty puss will remain in office until the next mayoral race in 2021.

And, in case you're wondering (because I was, too), the Omena Historical Society says that legal documents can be signed with a paw print.

Hey, if we can elect a reality TV star to run the country, we can elect a cat to run a town. It's only fair.

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