Sometimes, I really love Tiktok.

As a person who has tattoos and plans to get more tattoos, I really appreciate the niche designs I often come across on social media. Like, the designs from Tiktoker Shelby Zivny.

Shelby has done a series of themed tattoos based on states and interests. For example, they created a series of designs for people who love the mountains:

For people who think they're the main character:

And for people who are from Wisconsin:

I've seen their designs on my Tiktok feed in the past so, imagine my delight when I saw a new video from Shelby with tattoos for people from Michigan.

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Now, before I show you these tattoos I want to stress...these are Shelby's designs. They have their own online shop with stickers, paintings, and more. While their tattoos aren't listed on their website, a common courtesy would be to reach out to see if it's okay to use their design for your next tattoo (if that's your plan).

That being said, check them out:

My personal favorites are the "proud troll" and "you are here" tattoo designs.

But, the question is, do you really love Michigan enough to permanently mark your body with a tattoo? If not, why not start with a sticker instead? That way, if your affinity for the mitten state suddenly sways, you can just...cover it up with another sticker (way cheaper than tattoo removal):

If you really want to stay on theme with 'Pure Michigan' in every aspect of your life, then you need the perfect, Michigan-made dating profile:

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