This year is anything but typical for high school students in Michigan and throughout the US. Many traditions like prom have been either canceled or have gone virtual in order to observe social distancing guidelines put in place because of the nation's ongoing health crisis.

A new video that speaks to would-be prom-goers is going viral, and features pictures of teens from all over the US who are lamenting the loss of prom night. Hailey Zimmerman, a student from Grant High School in Grant, Michigan is featured prominently in the clip.

Maylyn is the singer behind the video which features teens dressed up in the outfits they would have worn on prom night. She tells People she has been overwhelmed from the response she's gotten to her song.

"I didn’t realize that telling this story would lead to so many high schoolers and parents of high schoolers reaching out," she says. "It has led to conversations about their disappointments of prom being canceled and conversations about making the most out of a quarantined prom."

Maylyn's mother, a high school English teacher in Alabama encouraged her to write the song for this year's graduating class after seeing what students are going through this year amid the coronavirus pandemic.

"Instead it's T-shirt and jeans,Filters and live streams, graduating on screens," Maylyn sings.

Zimmerman, donning a flowing blue dress, is featured in the video just past the one-minute mark.


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