Out of 443 people tested in three counties, only ONE was found to have "reasonable suspicion" of drug use. 

The test was conducted in Allegan, Marquette and Clinton counties from Oct. 1, 2015, and Sept. 30, 2016. 443 people who are receiving financial assistance, or have applied to, were tested. Out of the 443, 27 were identified as "potential substance abusers." From those 27, 10 are currently in treatment, three had already had their cases closed and 14 went through the screening.

Out of the 14 screened, only one was found to have "reasonable suspicion" of drug use, which requires a substance abuse test.

So, an average of 6% of those tested were referred to the Community Mental Health agency for help with substance abuse. Make sense? I'm kind of confused, but the real question is: was the cost worth it? What do you think?