Will you accept this rose from a Michigander?

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One of the men in the running to capture this season's bachelorette Michelle Young's heart is from right here in Michigan. The new season of the ABC show The Bachelorette debuted this week and Grand Rapid's Will Urena was in search of a rose.

The 28 years old, originally from East Kentwood, has obviously made a good first impression on the new bachelorette from season 18 of the popular "dating" show. He ended up receiving a rose on the first night from Young.

The former rugby player, from Michigan's Davenport University, currently works as an academic interventionist, which may work well since Michelle also works in education as a elementary school teacher. His bio reads as;

"Will describes himself as classy, swaggy and sharp. He is more than ready to make a substantial connection with someone and is also very tired of being the only single one in his group of friends. Will is looking for a thrill-seeking woman who is always up for a spur-of-the-moment adventure. His dream woman is loyal, ambitious, accountable, and ready to push him every day to be the best version of himself because he's going to do the same for her. Will says he is a true romantic that will do anything to make his significant other know how loved she is, and now, he's ready to make Michelle the happiest she's ever been."

Will isn't the first from Michigan to find himself part of the successful The Bachelor/ Bachelorette franchise. Most notably was Bob Guiney from Riverdale, Michigan, who found himself not only on the first season of The Bachelorette, but landed a gig on The Bachelor for Season 4. Also,  Brad Andrzejewski of St. Claire did pretty well during season 2 of The Bachelorette.

Hopefully Will finds himself hanging around for a few more rose ceremonies, and maybe even ending up on the "most dramatic finale ever".

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