The Battle Creek mom ended up collecting more than $10,000 throughout the summer.

Lori Truex is a bus driver and mother of three. When her daughter Kendall (a 4.0 student) was accepted to MSU in 2015, she couldn't afford to go, so she started off at Kellogg Community College. When she transferred to MSU, she received a Pell grant for $1,770 and an MSU student aid grant for $3,600. This left her with a bill of $24K per year. So, during her summer, Lori decided to take to panhandling to raise money.

She started asking for money in mid-June on street corners.

She told ABC News, "Parents need to be talking about this. It's a dirty little secret they don't want to admit to themselves, their coworkers and neighbors--some of us can't afford to send our kids to college."

And before you poo-poo her daughter for not contributing, she works three jobs, and says that this is "out of character" for her mom.

With school going back into session, Lori has decided to end her campaign so she can get back to work as a bus driver. Her efforts raised $10,272.30 - $5,400 of the total came from an online GoFundMe account. $4,872.30 was raised through panhandling and checks deposited into a credit union account. Her daughter will pay the rest of her tuition with loans.

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