The man's attorney says that the state needs to provide "some guidance so we're all on the same page."

Welp, it was bound to happen eventually. The kicker here is that said incident happened in May of last year.

Former Uber driver Arthur Rimbold was stopped in 2017 for a last-minute left turn at 2 AM. He had trouble with his field sobriety test because of a leg injury; he said he hadn't smoked in 14 hours but the officer said he could "smell it." Rimbold agreed to a blood test, which showed trace amounts of weed in his system.

After a week-long trial in Oakland County, a jury found that he didn't have enough marijuana in his system to impair his driving.

I agree with his attorney - the state had better get on this FAST so we don't tie up the court systems with this stuff.

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