A Montcalm County man is not just lucky, he's double-lucky - winning two $110,000 jackpots from the Michigan Lottery in one day.

The 67-year-old man has chosen to remain anonymous but shared a bit of his story with the Michigan Lottery.

A Man Who Always Plays the Same Numbers

The man tells the lottery that he always plays the same numbers. He purchased a ticket for the December 17 drawing at the EZ Mart in Sheridan and then when he was getting gas at a Mobil gas station in Stanton, he couldn't remember if he'd bought a ticket. Just to be safe, he purchased another ticket with the same numbers.

Sheridan and Stanton are in Montcalm County, roughly halfway between Lansing and Big Rapids.

“I have been playing Fantasy 5 for a long time and I always play the same sets of numbers,” said the player. “I was at the gas station, and I couldn’t remember if I’d purchased a ticket for the Fantasy 5 drawing that night, so I decided to purchase one to be safe."

The man goes on to say that he knew he'd won twice when he checked his tickets on the Michigan Lottery website. But he notes that he was a little confused about how much he had won.

“After the drawing, I was on the Michigan Lottery website checking the numbers and when I saw the two locations where winning tickets were sold, I knew I had to be the big winner. I checked my tickets and confirmed I had won, but I thought I’d won $55,000 on each. When I called the Lottery and they confirmed both tickets were $110,000 winners, a feeling of relief came over me.”

We say congratulations. I'd be delighted to win one big jackpot.

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