And it's all with the help of a surgeon from West Bloomfield.

In 2014, Tim McGrath noticed a pain in his jaw. When he finally went to the doctor for it, they told him that the pain was from a slow-growing tumor called Synovial Sarcoma - a rare form of soft-tissue cancer.

The tumor ended up growing to the size of a softball, and after 18 months, Tim had it removed and doctors tried to reconstruct his face. However, his body rejected those efforts, and Tim was basically left without half of his face. Click HERE to see the graphic photo.

He said that he had trouble finding the strength to carry on, which is obvious when you see the picture. So he sought out the services of Dr. Kongrit Chaiyasate in West Bloomfield, who reconstructed his face using skin from his leg, forearm and forehead to reconstruct his face.

It worked, and he's using his experience to run the site Tough Like Tim. You're an inspiration, Tim. Thank you for sharing your story, even though it's tough!

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