That's can somebody go poking around Milwaukee with a metal detector and find MY class ring please?

Lennon resident Casey Ewers posted this story to his Facebook about a class ring he had found with a metal detector:

So in 1978 fella was driving home in his 76 cutlass that he purchased week before..As he was coming over the hill doing 55 a car was in his Lane and he hit it head on all he remembers is seeing lights and a mailbox and then waking up in a hospital his car was totaled he had three people in his vehicle everyone was okay besides him which wasn't severe broken collarbone and a few minor scrapes and breaks..Lost it almost 40yrs to the day I found he said..Shy a few weeks..When I reached out to him and finally talked to him he was ecstatic and could not believe that I had found it.. even the owner of the house remember the accident 40 years ago..The feeling you get when you see someone's face when they get it back is what makes spending all the time and money in the hobby we love worth it ten times over..He was amazed I wanted to return it and not keep GOLD!..Told him your smile is priceless!!!!!!!!!!!

Casey runs a metal detecting Facebook group with his dad.

I'm a little bit jealous of William Tomasek from Byron, to be honest. And his story is incredible...what are the chances?? My story is nowhere near as epic - I just lost it. That's it.

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