You never know who you're gonna meet - they may save your life one day.

Marty Sheedy and Drew Drialo met by chance at Mott Children's Hospital in 2012. And recently, their relationship came full circle, because Drew saved Marty's life.

Marty has a genetic birth defect called Prune Belly Syndrome, which means that he has a lack of muscles in his abdominal wall, which was leading to kidney failure. Drew found out he was a match and was going to donate his kidney, but Marty's antibodies changed and Drew was no longer a match.

The good part? They were part of a paired kidney donation, which means that Drew gave his kidney to somebody else, whose loved one then donated a kidney to Marty. He's now fully recovered from the transplant.

"I just hope that we can inspire other people. Maybe not everybody is supposed to donate an organ, but there's a lot of yourself that you can give just to make the world a better place," Drew told WXYZ.

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