Governor Rick Snyder told the Michigan Information and Research Service (MIRS) that he may not run for re-election in 2014, if he's able to fully carry out his agenda in only one term.

How many "Recall Governor Snyder" signs have you seen lately? (I see four on my way home from work every day.) How many teachers or state employees do you know that are less than pleased with the adjustments that have been made to their income? 

Is it a bit ironic that Snyder lists "teaching" as one of the things he may do when he's no longer governor?

"Snyder has already has gotten the 2012 budget, tax reform, teacher tenure reform and a new Emergency Manager law passed with the help of a GOP Legislature," according to M-Live. "He also has outlined priorities for education and health care, like a database of kids' body mass index (BMI) scores and mandatory schools of choice in Michigan."

This weekend at the Mackinac Republican Leadership Conference, he said that not seeking  a second term could allow "better, smarter people" to take over.

If Snyder does not run in 2014, do you think it's because of the reasons he cited this weekend, or do you think he's concerned that he may not be able to win at the polls? Would you vote for Rick Snyder if he ran for a second term as Michigan's Governor?