Everything may have been lost for victims of the Sanford flood, but the kindness of strangers still exists.

It's been over a month since the breach of the Sanford and Edenville Dams in mid-Michigan (can you believe that? Over a MONTH!) and, even though the world keeps on turning, the residents to our north are still cleaning up the mess and rebuilding their lives.

Penny Tyler is a lifelong resident of Sanford and has lived in the same house for the last 55 years; she and her siblings grew up in the house that she lived in...until May when the floodwaters took it all away from her.

She's currently living in a camper and the insurance company won't pay for her losses.

Yesterday, however, she received some great news: Dave Dennis, the owner of Great Lakes Homes, is building her a brand-new home from the ground up at no charge. He's going to break ground on the house ASAP so that Penny isn't living in a trailer when the winter comes.

As for her belongings, the Midland Area Interfaith Group and the Islamic Center of Midland are going to furnish it for her.

This is so incredible; in fact, ALL of the stories of kindness coming out of the flood zones are incredible. Strangers driving up from other states to feed victims and volunteer to clean up and now, a home company building a brand-new home, free of charge. And two religious organizations providing all the home furnishings? THIS is what makes our country great.

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