This is a GREAT idea, mostly because I love elephant ears and funnel cakes.

It's also a great idea for them to recoup lost income from the summer, isn't it?

Paradise Concessions, which is based out of Milford, is usually a staple at county/state fairs throughout Michigan during the summer. However, with the spread of coronavirus, many of those events have been completely canceled.

So, how do they recoup the lost income? BY PARKING OUTSIDE OF LOCAL BUSINESSES, OF COURSE.

Yes, ladies and germs - you, too, can have a funnel cake for lunch.

Randy Paradise, the owner of Paradise Concessions, has posted on social media about offering ups his stand to local businesses for the summer.

If you're in the need for some good fun food we would love to set you up. We have elephant ears, funnel cakes, hand-dipped secret recipe corn dogs, deep-fried Oreos, and fresh-squeezed lemonade. Hope to see you there. If you own a business and think we might be a good fit together for this summer we would love to hear from you. Please check out our Facebook business page (Paradise concessions) for more pictures of our setup. Thank you.

This week, they were set up at the New Hudson Inn on Grand River Ave. in New Hudson, and they're available to rent out. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to send an email to my general manager about having this bad boy parked outside the radio ranch for an afternoon.

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