BRB, filling out a job application.

As the name would suggest, the company, which is based out of Ludington, makes floral and craft products, including foam cutters and spray glitter. And last Friday, the owner of the company gave out $4 million in Christmas bonuses to his 200 full-time employees.

The bonuses will be paid out over a period of two years, as per federal law (it'll actually maximize the contribution), with the first payment given out before the end of this year. It'll be paid out in a cash bonus and as a retirement contribution.

FloraCraft is owned by Lee Schoenherr, who bought it from his uncle after WWII. Some of the employees have worked there for several generations.

Merry. Freaking. Christmas. Happy for them! It's obviously a business model that WORKS - we could all learn something from that.

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