It was all part of a school project where kids were supposed to create something and sell it for charity.

Barberi Law in Mt. Pleasant has a program called Bikes for Kids. So, Jackson Beery decided to write a book about his brother, who has autism.

“His younger brother was diagnosed with autism several years ago. Jackson noticed that sometimes other children aren’t sure how to treat kids with special needs, so he wrote and illustrated a children’s book that gives an inside look, from a brother’s perspective, about what it means to know and love a child with special needs," said his mom, Amber Beery, in her nomination.

The book, called Differences Make No Difference, was sold at It sold over 300 copies, and Jackson sent the money to Africa. His dad had taken a mission trip to Africa a few years back, which is why he chose it. The money has gone to help children with epilepsy, as well as to pay for school supplies.

He picked out his bike from Motorless Motion. He also received a helmet and a bike lock.


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