You can get pumpkins anywhere this fall, but if you can make the trip, get them from Ian Unger.

He's six-years-old. He's from West Michigan and he's selling pumpkins for a good cause - to raise money for an alert dog to help him with his diabetes.

Ian and his mom, Katrina, were told that because he needs constant blood sugar monitoring for his Type I diabetes, he couldn't ride the bus to school without an aide.

The school said that they couldn't find one for him, and were going to transport him on an empty bus after all the other kids were already at school.

*cue anger and outrage here*

So, Ian and his mom decided to grow and sell pumpkins to raise money for a diabetic service alert dog that would go with him every day.

Katrina did say that they're working with the school district, but she knows that they have budgets and limitations, too. On Friday, they sold over 150 pumpkins and actually ran out!

Obviously, you probably won't drive two hours for a pumpkin, but if you want to help, you can donate online HERE. They've raised about $6,000 of the $25,000 needed in just a few days.

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