Have a pumpkin that you didn't carve or paint this past weekend?

If you're not great at making nom noms out of pumpkin seeds (which I am admittedly NOT good at), there are a bunch of local places that you can donate your pumpkin(s) to.

There are a lot of animals right in your backyard who LOVE pumpkins. Birds, butterflies, deer, foxes, and more are all fans of the big orange snack; here's what you can do with it:

If you're not a good cook, did you know that you can make a floating candle out of a pumpkin?

Remove the pumpkin’s stem. Place a tea candle on top of the small pumpkin and trace its outline. Carefully cut out the tracing to a depth that will fit the depth of the candle. You can then place the candle snuggly in the pumpkin and then float them in a bowl of water as a fun Thanksgiving decoration.

If none of these options suit your fancy, local farmers are asking for your pumpkins to feed their pigs and other animals - you can drop off your unpainted pumpkins in the driveway at 7190 E. Baldwin Road.

Melissa King-Daggett via Facebook
Melissa King-Daggett via Facebook
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