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An additional $41.2 million will be paid to Flint residents who were impacted by the city's epic water crisis which began in 2014.

The contributions from the City of Flint, McLaren Regional Medical Center, and Rowe Professional Services Company will bring the settlement amount determined in August from $600 million to $641.2 million.

Here's the breakdown of the contributions:

  • McLaren Regional Medical Center:  $20 million.
  • The City of Flint:  $20 million.
  • Rowe Professional Services Co.: $1.25 million.

The City of Flint's portion of the contribution will come from its insurance company, not the city's general fund, according to ABC-12. Approval of the contribution is pending review of the city council.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and Attorney General Dana Nessel announced the details of the additional settlement money on Tuesday.

“This settlement agreement is just one of the many ways we will continue showing our support for the city and residents of Flint,” said Whitmer. “The details of the proposal that have been presented to the judge are an important step forward and we are committed to helping the residents of Flint participate in this process as we all work together towards the brighter future that Flint deserves.”

Nessel says the move is the best outcome for Flint residents.

“Without this settlement, which makes affected children a top priority, Flint residents would have been provided little assurance that their claims would be successful in court, and ongoing litigation could have prolonged their hardships for years."



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