Nothing is sacred as far as 'Family Guy' is concerned. Flint's ongoing water crisis is no exception, as the Seth MacFarlane-created comedy made it the butt of one of its jokes, in its most-recent episode titled 'The Finer Strings.'

In an attempt to blind his grandfather, the Griffins' talking baby Stewie holds up a spray bottle which contains a brown liquid. When questioned by the family's talking dog Brian about the bottle's contents, Stewie replies, "It was just tap water from Flint, Michigan."

As Stewie's grandfather emerges from the shower, he's squirted with liquid from the bottle, and immediately recoils in pain. His face and eyes are instantly covered in red blotches.

So is the clip funny? 'Family Guy' is reputed for it's irreverent humor, which seemingly knows no boundaries. But for those who've lived through the ongoing water crisis, the joke may sting a little, no pun intended.

Although the Flint water crisis drew international attention in 2016, it has since become just a local news story. One could also argue that the show, albeit in a crude way, brought Flint's situation back into the national spotlight.


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