It may be Valentines Day this weekend, but my thoughts are already jumping ahead to St. Patrick's Day.

Get ready to get your Irish on, because the Shamrock Shake is back at McDonald's. Lovers of the addictive  treat will be happy to know that beginning February 15, the fan-favorite will go on sale at locations across the country for a limited time.

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Too add to a deliciousness, McDonald's also announced  the fan-favorite OREO Shamrock McFlurry to go along with it.

"For more than 50 years, fans have eagerly awaited the annual return of the Shamrock Shake, counting on the arrival of Shamrock Shake Season to mark the unofficial start to spring," said McDonald's Sr. Director of Culinary, Chad Schafer"And we heard they especially enjoyed getting a taste of the one-and-only Shamrock flavor in a new way last year with the OREO® Shamrock McFlurry. We know this winter may feel longer than others so we're thrilled to give customers something to look forward to by bringing both fan-favorites back to the menu this month."

Fans have been loving the Shamrock Shake since 1970, and what's not to love? We're talking vanilla soft serve, blended with that "Mickey Dees" unmistakable Shamrock Shake flavor, and it's finished with a whipped topping. DELISH! You can thank Hal Rosen, a Connecticut McDonald's Owner-Operator,  for inventing the yummy treat back in 1967.

McDonald's decided to spread the love last year when they started selling the cult classic across the boarder in both Canada and Ireland.


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